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Dear world, my film is complete. I'm so happy to be able to finally share the news.

I shared the news with my grandmother the other day. She started to laugh because I think she had forgotten that I was working on a film about her, or maybe she thought I wasn't serious. Regardless, she's happy it's done and excited to see it. She did request for her photo not to be in there, or her name and I apologized in advance because both those are present. "Don't show my face in it!" I told her a it was a cartoon and she felt a bit better. Sorry Baba.  :)

The next couple months will consist of me applying to film festivals. My goal is to get into AT LEAST one. Fingers crossed! Thanks everyone for your consistent support.  This project was a huge team effort and I could have never made it alone.

I'm so happy right now!

90% Completion

Yesterday,  Matt (my co-producer/sound mixer) sat down at a cafe and literally worked for 5 hours straight. We're super excited about the results. We've completed the intro and credits! Now all we're left with is adding subtitles! I've chosen to have 3 sets: English, French and of course Ukrainian.

I've also registered my film yesterday under copyright! Whoo-hoo!

After the actual film is complete, I will start submitting it to film festivals. There are SO many to choose from! But after creating accounts on Withoutabox and Filmfreeway, I feel more optimistic about the submission process.

And while that is happening, I will be collaborating with my Art Producers, Oksana and Rostyk, for the case/DVD design. I need to sort out printing, how many etc. Lots of questions that I need to answer!

And finally, I will most definitely have a screening for family, friends and supporters of my film. That location and date are still undecided but please check back! 

As Matt said yesterday confidently, "Steph, we're at 90% completion!". And that makes me very excited!

Great News!

Who would have thought that making a 5 minute film would take so long?! My Baba's Kitchen has proven to be a long-running side project. But I'm very happy to report the process is still going strong! Lemko Bluegrass Band has officially completed the score of the film and it sounds FANTASTIC!

The next steps are foley work - for all you non film people (don't worry I didn't know what is was until I started making one myself) - it's the sound effects. Then, subtitles, credits and final edits. I'm hoping to have everything complete in a couple months in order to submit the film to as many film festivals as humanly possible! Fingers crossed folks!

Thank you cards!

AND I've also started sending out the THANK YOUS to all my lovely funders during my Rockethub campaign last year that raised over $5000 for the film! If you haven't gotten yours, not to worry! I'm sending them out in batches :) Copies of the film will be ready soon!

Thanks again everyone for the crazy support. People have been writing that they're excited to see the film. I am just as excited. Stay tuned for the Premiere!


For the past 5 months, the animator Anya and I have been in contact every week. I'm excited to say that this particular week I had saw the whole film for the first time! I am so proud of what it's becoming. There are still some edits to be done, music and sound needs to be added and let's not forget the post-processing.

It's assuring to know I have my team behind me during this process. Thanks everyone for your help and support. Apparently making a film as a side project takes a very long time! But, it's happening.

I promise I'll keep everyone posted regarding the completion date. I'm aiming to have it completed before the end of 2014. Fingers crossed. :)

And as a treat, here's a still from the film for ya'll..

in Baba's Kitchen

Close to the End...

It's such an exciting time! There are only 8 days left in my fundraising venture to raise funds for my film! And to be honest, if you asked me a couple days ago, I would have said I probably wouldn't make the $7,000 goal I set for myself.

Although, today, it seems things are picking up!

An interview I had with the Rockethub website I am using to fundraise was published online!

AND an interview in the New York Times was ALSO published in print and online.


I hope these give me a bit more traffic as we reach the end of the fundraising part of my film.

Special thanks to everyone so far for your support and kind wishes. This film is going to be awesome because of you! :)

It's Official!

My RocketHub page is up and running! What is RocketHub you ask? Well it's a crowd-funding website that helps people fundraise their projects! It works on an exchange system: funds from you, get rewards from me! There are various levels of donation, so feel free to support me however you can.

In order for this film to be a success, I need funds and support from my community. I thank you all in advance!! :)

Here's the promo video for my film:



My Baba's Kitchen

I decided to name my film "My Baba's Kitchen". Many things happen in our grandparents' kitchens: we share stories, laughs, tears, and of course food.

I am excited to present my film's movie poster:



I have also created a facebook page tracking updates and progress of the film.

Hopefully within the next couple days, I'll be ready to launch my Rockethub page which will fund this film through my crowd of family, friends and followers.

Stay tuned!


Animator Found!

Yay! It's official. I have an animator. I'd like to introduce the world to Anna! She is from Ukraine and we had met a couple years ago but recently reconnected through the miracles of facebook and a friend's recommendation. Here's her showreel which shows some amazing work:

But we decided to work together because I love her aesthetic. I think she'll really make this film work. Here's a music video she made for our friends in he Ludy Dobri:

I'm really looking forward to working with her. :)

Floating in my Mind

Here is a beautiful French short film I stumbled upon on the Internet. Un film qui raconte l'histoire de la vie, de rencontres, de souvenirs ...A film about our life, the people we meet, the memories we make ...


Réalisé par : Hélène Leroux

I recently looked back at some advice that was given to me from an animator about the process. I will start story-boarding my film idea myself. Perhaps I find someone that is inspired by my vision to help me make my story a reality.



I went over to my grandmother's after months of having this newspaper clip in my possession. framed photo I printed the photo of her sitting around the table with her friends and framed it. I also gave her a copy of the newspaper clipping. We sat on her balcony and she pointed to each face in the black and white photo and told me who they were, who they married and where they moved to after living with her in Picton.

As I sat there with her, tears rolling down my face because apparently I had a larger emotional reaction during this moment, my grandmother gave me some life advice because I am moving away for a year to teach in Slovakia. She related said moving to another country is hard, but she did it and she made new friends. Ultimately, that's how she met my grandfather.

Baba has an album of photos from Picton and said she will look for it for me. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

I guess this whole plan of mine is on hold since I'm going away. But who knows? I'll still be keeping an eye out for an animator and I could possibly meet with my musician/composer in Ukraine while I'm there. At least I accomplished one task I had set out for myself: giving my grandmother the photo I had found earlier this year.

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