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February 10, 1949

I knew yesterday was the day. I woke up and just knew it. After narrowing down the date with my grandmother, I figured the photo had to be published sometime later in January, after the 6/7th which was Ukrainian Christmas when the photo was taken. I went to the media lab and popped a new roll of microfilm onto the scanner and within a couple minutes, I came across this page:

full page 2

My heart was pounding. COULD THIS BE IT? A quick zoom in and the final name of the list of women, and the person closest to the camera on the right is my grandmother in her 20s, right after she arrived to Canada.

My Grandmother, Olga Sawczuk, upon her arrival in CanadaI couldn't believe I found it. When I did, I silently celebrated. I couldn't stop smiling and held back my tears. Baba's never seen this photo. I can't wait to print it and show it to her.

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