My Baba's Kitchen

Animated Short Film


I went over to my grandmother's after months of having this newspaper clip in my possession. framed photo I printed the photo of her sitting around the table with her friends and framed it. I also gave her a copy of the newspaper clipping. We sat on her balcony and she pointed to each face in the black and white photo and told me who they were, who they married and where they moved to after living with her in Picton.

As I sat there with her, tears rolling down my face because apparently I had a larger emotional reaction during this moment, my grandmother gave me some life advice because I am moving away for a year to teach in Slovakia. She related said moving to another country is hard, but she did it and she made new friends. Ultimately, that's how she met my grandfather.

Baba has an album of photos from Picton and said she will look for it for me. Why didn't I think of that sooner?

I guess this whole plan of mine is on hold since I'm going away. But who knows? I'll still be keeping an eye out for an animator and I could possibly meet with my musician/composer in Ukraine while I'm there. At least I accomplished one task I had set out for myself: giving my grandmother the photo I had found earlier this year.

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