My Baba's Kitchen

Animated Short Film

Great News!

Who would have thought that making a 5 minute film would take so long?! My Baba's Kitchen has proven to be a long-running side project. But I'm very happy to report the process is still going strong! Lemko Bluegrass Band has officially completed the score of the film and it sounds FANTASTIC!

The next steps are foley work - for all you non film people (don't worry I didn't know what is was until I started making one myself) - it's the sound effects. Then, subtitles, credits and final edits. I'm hoping to have everything complete in a couple months in order to submit the film to as many film festivals as humanly possible! Fingers crossed folks!

Thank you cards!

AND I've also started sending out the THANK YOUS to all my lovely funders during my Rockethub campaign last year that raised over $5000 for the film! If you haven't gotten yours, not to worry! I'm sending them out in batches :) Copies of the film will be ready soon!

Thanks again everyone for the crazy support. People have been writing that they're excited to see the film. I am just as excited. Stay tuned for the Premiere!

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