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Animated Short Film


Dear world, my film is complete. I'm so happy to be able to finally share the news.

I shared the news with my grandmother the other day. She started to laugh because I think she had forgotten that I was working on a film about her, or maybe she thought I wasn't serious. Regardless, she's happy it's done and excited to see it. She did request for her photo not to be in there, or her name and I apologized in advance because both those are present. "Don't show my face in it!" I told her a it was a cartoon and she felt a bit better. Sorry Baba.  :)

The next couple months will consist of me applying to film festivals. My goal is to get into AT LEAST one. Fingers crossed! Thanks everyone for your consistent support.  This project was a huge team effort and I could have never made it alone.

I'm so happy right now!

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