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Animated Short Film

90% Completion

Yesterday,  Matt (my co-producer/sound mixer) sat down at a cafe and literally worked for 5 hours straight. We're super excited about the results. We've completed the intro and credits! Now all we're left with is adding subtitles! I've chosen to have 3 sets: English, French and of course Ukrainian.

I've also registered my film yesterday under copyright! Whoo-hoo!

After the actual film is complete, I will start submitting it to film festivals. There are SO many to choose from! But after creating accounts on Withoutabox and Filmfreeway, I feel more optimistic about the submission process.

And while that is happening, I will be collaborating with my Art Producers, Oksana and Rostyk, for the case/DVD design. I need to sort out printing, how many etc. Lots of questions that I need to answer!

And finally, I will most definitely have a screening for family, friends and supporters of my film. That location and date are still undecided but please check back! 

As Matt said yesterday confidently, "Steph, we're at 90% completion!". And that makes me very excited!

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