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The Art of Вареники (Perogies)

I'm editing this after posting earlier today because sometimes things happen for a reason. I posted thinking "too bad I don't have any images to show my grandmother making perogies", posting a video that I found online and thought nothing of it. Later today, my Baba called and invited us over to make perogies with her. She had all the supplies ready, she needed some workers to help her put them together. My sister was already on the road running errands so she stopped by to help.  I felt the need to update my original post with a photo my sister took today because I'm taking this moment as a sign to keep going with this project. I have to... Baba sharing her ritual with my sister

It's been a while. Things have been at a bit of a stand-still. School has gotten a bit crazy but this week is going to be promising. I've received an email from Interlibrary loan that says my new microfilms have come in. The photo of my grandmother is in there for sure. By Wednesday I think I'll have it :)

As part of my ongoing research, I've found this really cute homemade video of someone's Baba making perogies. Information and visuals like this are crucial for the animator to understand in order to depict the beautiful ritual accurately, even though everyone has their own style of making the traditional potato-filled dumplings.


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