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Starting the Search...

Today Bohdan and I went to Robarts Library to start the search for the aforementioned photo of my grandmother supposedly printed in a newspaper. I picked up a box of 13 rolls, 2 years worth of newspaper from 1947 and 1948 on microfilm! After the gentleman in Media Commons showed us how to use the super cool microfilm machines,(they're like a combination of old film projectors and scanners with a bright green light that automatically transmits what's under the glass onto a computer screen), Bohdan grabbed one roll and I grabbed another. Our hunt took a couple hours. By the end our eyes were tired of looking at newspapers whizzing by on computer screens.

We didn't find the photo today, but there were a couple close calls, such as an ESTONIAN party celebrating their independence in Montreal looked oddly similar to Ukrainians I'm looking for.


In general we noticed newspapers haven't changed all that much. The hot topics were lots of cases of fires and post war comments about prices not going up. Ads were directed at women (panty hose and fur coats) and men (cigarettes and suits). I took screen shots of a bunch of interesting things I found. Take a look!

So my search continues. We only successfully got through 4 rolls today. I have a deadline because apparently the films need to be back by February 13? AJJJJ!

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