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Bata Shoe Company

Books about Bata Shoe Company I guess the library is starting to be my favourite place. Yesterday after round 2 of search through microfilms for my grandmother's photo, I took the elevator to the stacks in search of books about Bata Shoe Company, specifically in Canada.

When my grandmother first arrived in Canada, she worked at a shoe factory...I thought it was Bata, but in my notes from my meeting with Baba, she says she worked in Carrier Shoe factory. Handy dandy google search isn't finding anything for me with that name. Bata Picton, on the other hand, IS wielding results....

I've started reading Thomas Bata's autobiography. It's fascinating! His father died a Czech hero -- he not only provided thousands of jobs, he helped educate many of his workers and provided good quality products for cheap. Thomas followed his father's legacy, expanding their company across the world. What amazing men!

The reason for all this is I want to hear stories and see pictures of this shoe factory in order for the scene in my film to be depicted accurately. I'm also going to contact Sonja Bata. She's the founding chairman of Bata Shoe Museum (and wife of Thomas). It may be of interest to them that I'm perhaps depicting a bit of their family history in my film.

More info to come. My research continues.

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