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Kingston Whig Standard I said this whole story started with a photo. It's not my grandparents' wedding photo that I'm referring to though. It was a photo that was published in a newspaper that brought my grandparents together. My grandmother was living in Picton, Ontario and my grandfather was living in Kingston, Ontario. Somehow my grandfather saw a photo that was published of my grandmother and her friends which kicked him into gear to go and find them.

I've narrowed down my ideas as to which newspaper it could be. There have been long conversations with library people in Picton, Kingston, Queens, University of name a few. As you can imagine, finding  a photo from 1948, which is probably not even labelled with names, is quite a daunting task.

I've made a RACER account (an interlibrary loan service between university libraries) and have put forward a request to get the Kingston Whig Standard newspaper for the years 1947 and 1948 on microfilm. Apparently it takes a while to receive your order so I've been patiently waiting. Once I get the newspapers, which will be in a tiny format like old film reels, I'll have to sit and literally look through all  the photos and try to find my grandmother's 20 year old face.

Let the detective work begin. I'll update as soon as I start my hunt!

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