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Some details

It was my Baba's 85th Birthday yesterday! So a big cake for her! Birthday Girl

So here's a bit about my film, as I haven't really written about what exactly it will look like!

I want it to be an animated short film, about 5 min in length. The type of animated style that I like looks painted. I was inspired by the film Wild Life by Canadian animators Tilby and Forbes (who support me but don't have time to animate my film- yes I did go there an ask them!) I went to see Oscar-nominated short films at TIFF Bell Lightbox theatre last year and had the pleasure of seeing their film and fell in love with the style that looks like a stop motion painting.

I'm currently waiting to hear back from some animators I had in mind and hopefully I can begin the process with them!

(By process I mean applying for grants such as National Film Board of Canada which gives out grants to amateur film makers! THAT'S ME! Most grants however want to see some process work and that's why there's a bit of a waiting game. I need my animator secured before I do anything else.)

Things are looking good though. I'm optimistic.

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